vCAX-X rocks Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Quality and other Prediction Projects with real-time-analysis.

Deep learning analyses data that is now collected and stored in numerous data sources in almost all companies. The applications are virtually unlimited:

  • production and value-added optimisation

  • all kinds of projections

  • trend predictions and evaluations

  • planning of strategies

  • analysis of images and much more

Deep learning with vCAX-X:

Quick wins with a unique platform solution

We have developed and enhanced our neural networks ourselves in order to analyse data and make predictions effectively. Together with the market-leading hardware of our partners Dell EMC and NVIDIA, they create a unique solution: vCAX-X.

vCAX-X is highly scalable and runs robustly in our customers’ business and production optimisation processes without manual readjustments or failures.

Now newly available in vCAX-X: end-to-end connectivity in real-time for the IoT

Gain valuable real-time insights. A deep learning system can now also compute production data in real-time for the first time. Flexible gateways pull data directly from the devices (Edge) and forward it in real-time to the data centre. This data is integrated and analysed immediately in the neural network in the vCAX-X platform. Everything in a single system without software breaches.

It couldn’t be easier.

For data analyses in all industries

There is barely an industry that would not be suitable for vCAX-X because the areas of application are diverse:

  • Banks, financial institutions, risk analysts

  • Insurance companies

  • Healthcare sector

  • All companies that collect and want to analyse large amounts of data

  • Production facilities (value-added optimisation within the scope of Predictive Quality and/or Predictive Maintenance)

Are you curious?

We will show you compelling use-cases in practical use.

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